Smart DBB valve technology

Double block and bleed valves change traditional methods used by pipeline engineers to produce a double block and bleed configuration in the pipeline. Used for critical procedure service, double block and bleed valves are for top force systems or serious fluid processes.

Applications using DBB valve contain chemical injection, instrument drain, chemical seal isolation, and gauge isolation. They can be particularly helpful in the realms of steam applications.

DBB control devices: Old installations of DBB control devices systems at plants are extremely time wasting and a costly practice. A traditional system contains of 2 single ball control devices, a needle valve, different connectors, flanges and adaptors. There are lots of steps to consider when completing the installation process. In full, there are can be as many as 41 steps needed for a traditional installation of DBB control device setup.

Cost reduction

There is just single step for the installation when using a compact dual body double block and bleed valve unlike the 41 steps using the old system.

Using DBB valves bring end-users a cost reduce of thirty percent up to eight percent for installation.

Besides that, using DBB valves also decreases the installation time from 2-3 days to just a few hours.

A trend that needs creative piping components

Construction of modularized that plant structure has become a famous choice of design. Mainly in large process industries general to the gas & oil and petrochemical  industry. Generally, such modularizations are applied for compact steel frameworks generally known as "skids" for instance when vessels, equipment, instrumentation, valves, controls/electrical are mounted. A full system may contain a one skid or a number of skids to from a larger and sophisticated processing system.

That modules are used for constructions in a straight fix-installed plant. They find their application in gas treatments, filtration packages or excellent packages. But they are also applied for gas regenerations and chemical jab skid packages.

Pre-assembled moduls

With the latest trend, the plant system will be constructed in various modules. That single moduls are generally produced or assembled away from the side. Afterwards they will be moved and integrated combine at a site. This kind of design permit a top standard, safe and quicker construction/installation at a site.

Less-weight and space-saving solutions

The latest design presupposed that one parts are of top standard and less-weight. But also a space-saving construction is of prime significance for the plant owners, contractors and operators. Mainly when they are involved in a big project. When it comes to process isolation an integral double block and bleed control devices is forever the most perfect solution.

When using a conventional installation you forever need 2 valves. The compact double block and bleed valves need only one single valve. This outcome in decreased weight. If the end-user has ten different DDB valve installation, using compact DBB control devices get rid of over 20,000 extra pounds of weight. And you also advantage from rising profits for the reason that of minimized close off time.